Deadline for submitting an article for the monograph:
30.06.2023 r. 


As part of your participation in the Conference, we offer you the opportunity to publish your papers in the form of a chapter in a scientific monograph. For people associated with the scientific community, a monograph may be an important element in the evaluation of scientific achievements. For people unrelated to the world of science, a monograph may be a satisfying platform for presenting their professional practice.

The monograph will be published by the Humanitas Academy Publishing House, which has been included in the list of publishing houses publishing peer-reviewed scientific monographs, in accordance with the announcement of the Minister of Education and Science (Publishing ID 82700).

The article should be prepared in accordance with the editorial guidelines available 

The article should be sent by e-mail to

Deadline for submitting an article for the monograph: June 30, 2023.

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